The Principles

Organisations1 which are signatories to the International Lifejacket2 Wear Principles agree to the following:

  • We recognise the fundamental role the wearing of lifejackets plays in the safeguarding of life for water users;
  • We recognise the importance of promoting the wearing of lifejackets when boating;
  • We endeavour to ensure that any publication including brochures, DVD, video, websites, and the like will feature all people wearing contemporary style lifejackets when in an outside area of a small craft3 that is underway;
  • We recommend to the recreational boating industry that its publications similarly feature all people shown wearing lifejackets when in an outside area of a small craft3 that is underway;
  • We require on-water education and compliance staff to wear lifejackets whenever they are on the water;
  • We use the term “lifejacket” in public information and education; and
  • We encourage respective boating safety networks to become ‘safety partners’ by supporting the above principles.

Principles website launch announcment, 29 July 2013.

1. Includes organisations not at the initial discussion in Lake Muskoka in 2012
2. Lifejacket is a generic term covering all nationally approved personal lifesaving appliances/devices
3. Different jurisdictions, largely depending on marine conditions, define small craft variously as under 4.8m, under 16ft, under 6m or under 7m. Small craft includes tenders.